Using a Digital Planner with MetaMoji Part 2

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When I first got into digital planning, I was a little annoyed because I couldn’t make it pretty and personalize it like I could my Happy Planner (which I still use and love by the way 😀).

Highlighters and pretty gel pens were no more and, even worse, I couldn’t use my beloved stickers and post-its. There was just such a lack of visual appeal. I thought “Wow, this system of planning has great functionality and accessibility, but how do I bring my style to it?”.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling this way too cause I got ya covered.

Today in the Using a Digital Planner with Metamoji Series I’m going to show you how to decorate your digital planner in Metamoji Note. Just call me your digi planner decor goddess 😀 (too much? Ok…😀).


In this post I’ll show you

  • How to use the pen tool (so you can handwrite and doodle in your planner!!!)
  • How to edit each pen type (so you can use the highlighter!!)
  • How to use and customize shapes (one of my favorite tools 😊)
  • How to insert stickers and photos (use pictures from your phone!!!)
  • Adding digital stickers (my favorite part!!!)

(If you would like to learn the basics of Metamoji Note check out part 1 of this series Using a Digital Planner with Metamoji Part 1)

Before we personalize and decorate our butts off, I’m going to answer my most commonly asked digital planning décor questions.



Commonly Asked Questions


Can you actually decorate a planner in MetaMoji?

Absolutely!!! MetaMoji allows you to type and handwrite, edit font however you like, add and customize shapes, and insert photos and digital stickers. You can basically do anything with a digital planner that you can do with a paper planner when it comes to making it pretty:)


Is decorating a digital planner easier in Goodnotes vs MetaMoji?

No, personally, I don’t think it is any easier in Goodnotes then MetaMoji. Everything is basically the same except the app interface looks different. I actually use both programs and I haven’t really found any differences in terms of decorating my planner.


Ok, now it’s time to decorate!!! Let’s first begin with handwriting in your digital planner!!!!


Pen Tool


How to use the pen

If you feel that writing by hand feels better and more natural for you instead of typing out your text, then writing with the pen tool is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Open your document and click the pen tool
  2. When clicked you will see 5 different options pop up. The options that pop up are 5 different pen types. Each pen type can be edited to suite your needs (I’ll cover how to do this next 😊).
  3. Once you choose your pen type just start writing anywhere on your document.


How to edit each pen type

This is one of my favorite features!!! Because MetaMoji offers 5 different pen types that include highlighters, fountain pens and brushes.

I love typing out appointments and then highlighting them in different colors ex. Work = orange, personal = purple, bills = blue, important/emergency = red, parties = pink, and chores = green.

Here’s how to find highlighting bliss…


  1. After the desired pen type is selected click that pen type again and an option window will open giving you all kinds of options
  2. Once desired changes are made click done




How to create shapes

Ok I know I just said the different pen options is my favorite feature, but in all honesty the shapes tool is a tie for first place.

I use the shape tool to create whatever kind of text box I can imagine. Lately my favorite design combination is a sage green box with a lavender border. I make my box. Use the type tool to enter my text, position the text over the shape I previously made, select both the shape and text using the lasso tool, and then group them and Et voila!! You have a very pretty text box 😊

Here’s how to create your own text box…

  1. To add a shape to your document you click on the plus sign ( + ) in the top menu bar
  2. Clicking the plus sign will bring up a menu
  3. From the menu select “Add Shape”
  4. You will then be given several different shapes to choose from. Click the shape you want
  5. When you click the shape you want the shape will then appear in the middle of your document ready for customization.


How to customize shapes

  1. To customize a shape make sure the selection tool is selected
  2. Click the shape
  3. Clicking the shape will bring up a menu. Click more > Change shape Style
  4. This will bring up an option window

    This window gives you several different options such fill color, line color & fill opacity.

  5. Make whatever changes you want and when you are finished click “Done” in the upper right corner


Stickers & Photos


How to insert stickers and photos

The process for adding strikers and adding photos is exactly the same.


It’s no secret how much I love digital stickers. It is one of the coolest aspects of digital planning. I even include some with ever planner I sell.

Here’s how to use these beautiful little babies…

  1. Click the ( + ) located in the top menu
  2. From the menu click “Add Photo”
  3. Click “Add from Photo/Album”
  4. You will then be prompted to locate the png on your computer. Locate the file and click “Add”


Digital Stickers


Adding digital stickers

Once your stickers have been added to your planner you will want to crop the sticker sheet to get the one sticker you would like to use.


Crop stickers to get just one sticker

  1. Once the stickers have been added to your document click the selection tool
  2. Click on the image (aka sticker sheet)
  3. From the pop-up menu click “Edit Image”
  4. Crop around the sticker you want and when you are finished click “Done”


Duplicate a sticker

There may be times where you will want to use the same sticker more then once. To do this you’ll need to duplicate a sticker. To do this…

  1. If there is a sticker you want to duplicate click the selection tool
  2. Click on the sticker
  3. From the pop-up menu click “Copy”
  4. Right click anywhere on your document and from the pop-up menu click “Paste”
  5. Do this as many times as you need


Ok, I don’t want to brag but that was a blast!! I love decorating my planner and am so happy I can now do that anywhere and anytime without having to have 1,000 stickers, pens, highlighters, etc in my purse with me at all times.

I hope you had as much fun as I did, and I hope you now feel more comfortable using MetaMoji Note to decorate and personalize all your digital planners and notebooks.

Let me know below what your favorite way to decorate your digital planner is. Do you like stickers or photos? Are you a doodler?

I can’t wait to hear!!!

If you have any questions let me know!!!



If you would like to take a little refresher course and go over the basics of how to use MetaMoji Note check out part 1 of this series called Using a Digital Planner with MetaMoji Part 1 where I walk you through how to get started using a digital planner in MetaMoji Note.

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