Psst…it’s ok to type into Google: Where do I find a kick-butt digital planner for android users?

(#SorryNotSorry Apple!)


Consider this the Disneyland of digital planners


Hey! I’m Elle. Creator of your next digital planner. 

Coming to you straight from…well, my laptop. I live in the Midwest but that just sounded boring. 

Here in my corner of the universe I create digital planners, notebooks and stickers.

I dream of a day when every Android user has the ease and joy of having a digital planner that they can use on their favorite Android device.


Because *steps on Google soapbox* sleek organization and beautiful design ain’t just for iPads.


 I’ve pulled a gigantic planner out of my bag with a, sometimes fake, smile on my face thinking “Damn I love my planner but this thing is heavy, I may have just pulled a muscle.” 


My creativity has always felt at home in my planner, but as time went on I just couldn’t take lugging around a heavy as hell planner, 50 different pens and markers, pads of stickers, and roll upon roll of washi tape. 


When I had 11 planners, 27 notebooks, 9 journals, and 2K stickers, I knew it was time to go digital


All I have ever wanted was everything my creativity loved about planning all wrapped up in something way easier – so I went out and created it


When I started college, I realized I needed a system that was accessible to me when I needed it most. We didn’t have smartphones or tablets (I know I really am old) but we did have laptops. 


I developed a system of calendars and notes using Microsoft Word docs containing hyperlinks. 


My goals were:

  • Have my class schedule clear, accessible and easy to edit
  • All my notes per lecture in one place
  • Have a solid system in place to slowly work on future projects i.e thesis, reports, etc
  • Have a place to add study notes exams/finals/midterms as future study reference 

I’ve been digital before you could stream The Witcher. 


This system saved my butt in college and once I started I couldn’t stop. I wanted to show others the unsung benefits I had discovered.




Besides helping you streamline your productivity, digital planning can help you…

1. It’s way more cost efficient than paper planning. Paper planners cost anywhere from $30 – $35, where as digital planners are usually around $20. And don’t forget sticker packs ($14.95 – $19.95), pens/markers ($6.99 – $15.99), and washi packs ($10 – $16) – you can get all this in digital form for $3 – $9. 

You do the math.

2. Its portability is off the hook!!! You can use these planners on any device you want which means it can go anywhere you go!! 

You can officially say goodbye to bulky paper planners!!! 

Plus, you can take stickers and notebooks with you too!! 

All on the same device!!

 3. I don’t know about you but I love customization!!! This was always my biggest beef about paper planning – there’s no undo button!!! But with digi planning you can copy, add, move, duplicate or delete pages wherever you want! 

Need more notes pages, just copy and paste with the click of the button!



Still don’t believe me? 

Check out these other women hooked on digital planning…

“This is so cool! I never knew about digital planning until Elle and at first I didn’t think it was for me, but now I’m hooked. I can do such a wide range with it – from chores that need to be done to my kids activities schedule to my grocery list. And all from my phone no matter where I am!!!”

Keri B



“Going back to school as a working single mom of 2 was a big step that I thought I had completely handled. I didn’t do too bad until after the first semester and then everything got messy. I found digital planning made things much easier, not to mention more portable than my laptop, and Elle’s designs are simple yet beautiful without being “too much”. This has been a game changer for me and something I’ll still use in the future.”

Janet W



“As a new mom I was struggling to keep everything organized, but now that I can do it all from my Samsung Tab without using a bunch of different apps AND jot down notes whenever I want, everything is just easier. Thank you ENC ”

Rachel L




Your Digital Planning is Here… 

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Besides helping women conquer their goals Here are 7 Random But Definitely Fun Facts:

1.  I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up

2.  I have 2 dogs (Chevy & Carly) and 1 cat (Phoebe)

3.  My sister insisted on watching me be born, couldn’t take it and passed out. It became a running joke in the family “My crowning arrival took my sister’s breath away”

4.  I love peppermint tea – it’s my bliss 💜☕

5.  I laughed so hard once and I passed out – at my own birthday party

6.  Once for show and tell I took in all of my pens. The teacher made me count them for the class. I had 147 pens – I was 7 yrs old. My pen addiction started early

7.  My friend and I were 10 yrs old and we stole some Nsync stickers off a Teen Beat magazine from our local grocery store. 10 minutes later we started to cry and took them back. It was clear we were never gonna be hardened criminals