Avenue Village

The Avenue Studio Collection is a collection of customizable planners and accessories meant to give the you an unique and individualized experience.

You get a creative space to create a tailor made planner system for you, by you. No one knows your life better then you, so who better to be the artist in the creation of your planner.

Your new planner can be made in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Planner Boulevard

Pick your studio

  • Studio with monthly layout
  • Studio without monthly layout
  • Dated studio

Step 2

Style Drive

Now that you've chose your studio now it's time to choose the look of your studio.

  • Landscape or Portrait
  • Monday or Sunday start

Both of these option are available in every studio available in the shop

Step 3

Accessory Corner

Now its time to get the meat and potatoes for your studio

  • Get your weekly layouts
  • Get your daily layout

Got everything?

Alright Picasso,
pick up you paint brush and let's go.