Digital Planners

Digital Bullet Journals


“Damn, I love my planner but this thing is heavy, I may have just pulled a muscle.”



Because being a planner enthusiast means…

Carrying around every piece of stationary goodness only to find you never actually have the one thing you really want.

Sitting down to an important business meeting and reaching into your bag to get your planner (to schedule a second meeting ) only to discover that you left your planner at home

Walking into your next boring lecture carry a textbook, your phone, your planner, a pencil pouch (containing 2 pencils, 2 pens, 2 highlighters, and sticky notes) praying to God the professor with bad breath doesn’t assign “extra reading material” to add to your pile


But no more…

If you can use your phone and download an app…

You can experience the ease and joy of digital planning 

Designed exclusively for Android users
(especially if you’re as tech savvy as a caveman)


I wish my planner was more portable…




Never miss happy hour with your besties, without carrying around a textbook sized planner.

You will cut the costs of your planner addiction in half and still get those bitchen stickers and elegant washi tape. 

You’ll never have to worry about making permanent mistakes ever again cuz you’ll become an undo button ninja?